"Every year on the eve of Independence Day we honor one of the most important national sacred objects – the National Flag of Ukraine," president of Ukrain Viktor Yanukovych said in his opening speech raising the national flag of Ukraine.

According to Yanukovych, under the blue and yellow banner the Ukrainian people has been realizing the eternal dream about freedom, statehood and unity. It was this flag that was brought into the Verkhovna Rada session hall 20 years ago, which symbolized the beginning of a new page in our history – the establishment of the modern Ukrainian state, the president said.

"The National Flag of Ukraine is the embodiment of our national unity, honor and dignity. Under it we are building the country based on democratic values, making social, artistic and sporting achievements, winning international competitions and events. The moment when the National Flag of Ukraine is being raised – is the moment of inspiration that fills hearts with pride. The blue and yellow flag is the unifying symbol, consolidating us into one – the Ukrainian people, regardless of nationality, language, or faith," Yanukovych said.

The presdient called to protect and respect the National Flag of Ukraine as a national sacred object. "It is our constitutional and civic duty," the president summed up.


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