Direct dependence of the feeling of happiness on the level of material wellbeing, atypical for other countries, is observed in Ukraine, Director of the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology Volodymyr Paniotto said in an interview to Zerkalo Nedeli newspaper, UKRINFORM reports, citing the website of this media resource.

"A straight dependence is observed between the people's feeling of happiness and their material wellbeing. Reviews of other countries show that this dependence is not direct: the poorer a person becomes, the more is the feeling of happiness with him/her, but starting from the average prosperity level, it stops growing. We have no variants: the higher is the prosperity level, the more happiness in life...," he noted.

According to the sociologist, in Ukraine there is a small number of people, "who can allow themselves to buy almost everything," - 0.1%, and among them 94% are happy. At the same time, among those who consider themselves poor, 24% are "definitely happy."

Paniotto also informed that over recent ten years in Ukraine a trend is observed of direct dependence of the income level on education.

"In 1985-1990, we carried out studies, which are representative for population of Kyiv. Qualified workers were the most prosperous at that time. From intelligentsia, candidates and doctors of sciences were more prosperous than others. But there was not a relation between education and incomes. And now there is a direct relation: the higher is education, the higher are incomes - every year of education gives higher wages," he is convinced.

According to a recent poll carried out by the Institute, 43.6% of those, who can be conventionally referred to the middle class, have higher education and 24.8% - secondary special education. Among poor people - 35.1% are with secondary education, 24.4% - with secondary special education and 12.7% - with higher education.

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