In the coming decade Ukraine will be an agricultural state with a booming economy, modernized industry and communications. This conclusion was drawn by the authors of the analytical study The Future of Ukraine, which was carried out by the World Policy Institute and the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

"The Ukrainian economy is likely to grow, and the main branch, according to experts whose work we have analyzed, is agriculture," Olha Zelinska, one of the study presentation authors, said Monday, UKRINFORM reported.

According to her, experts of the Institute conducted the study based on the Dutch methodology of analysis of 68 English, Russian and Ukrainian language sources, which are concerned with expert predictions.

As noted by Zelinska, most researches forecast that Ukrainian economy growth will be slow, and only Ukrainian studies predict rapid growth. However, none of the experts expects stagnant economy in this country, she said. Industry and communications are considered among the most promising areas of investment, and other sectors of the economy are not the same attractive.

Most studies both in the English and Ukrainian languages considered external driving forces as the main factor of influence on Ukraine's future. In particular, nearly equal numbers of experts noted the influence of Russia and the EU.

At the same time, according to Zelinska, experts are not inclined to any scenario of Ukraine political development. "Among them there is no consensus on whether we move towards democracy or authoritarianism," she underscored.

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