A resident of the city Vasylivka (Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine's south) will live for 35 days in a cage with lions.

As UKRINFORM reported citing the newspaper Segodnia, 40-year-old artist and blacksmith Olexandr Pylshenko has a mini-zoo with lions, lynx and bear. He will live in a 36-square meter cage with two kings of beasts - lions Kate and Samson. The organizer of this event hopes that he will be able to earn money in this way for his zoo. It will be possible to observe his life with lions online (homezoo.com.ua), an account for charitable payments will be indicated on the website too.

As reported by the newspaper, crazy antics of the Ukrainian caused an interest abroad. In particular, the Discovery Channel is planning to broadcast Pylyshenko's life with lions. Also, habitation of the Ukrainian with predators is worth the Guinness record. Prior to him, American James Jablon ventured to live with the lions, but only two weeks.

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