Ukraine has begun preparing its sports infrastructure for hosting the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in the Carpathians, President Viktor Yanukovych has said at today’s press conference for central, regional and international media. "This is our initiative, we have already conducted an enormous work the International Olympic Committee," he said. 

In this context, the President also expressed confidence that Ukraine is preparing for Euro 2012 adequately. "I have no doubt that 100% of the infrastructure needed for EURO 2012 will be built," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

The President said that while there are some delays in the construction of roads and hotels, the situation would surely be corrected. "We will be improving the situation and catch up with the schedule," the President of Ukraine said. 

Also, he said, Ukraine has every chance to qualify for hosting the 2015 European Basketball Championship. "There is every likelihood that we will succeed in that," Viktor Yanukovych said.

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