President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych pledges to make every effort to ensure the carrying out of the anti-corruption law in Ukraine, he said at today’s press conference for central, regional and international media. "I will do everything for the law to work. There should be neither friends nor foes. The approach must be equal to all," he said. Viktor Yanukovych mentioned the new law on combating corruption has been active since July 1. 

Viktor Yanukovych has said the question of overcoming the problem of corruption in Ukraine is closely related to the reform of regulatory policy. He noted that the licensing system is reduced by about 90%. "This is a very radical approach. It is aimed at "separating" an official, an entrepreneur, and a citizen,” Viktor Yanukovych said, “The state loses, does not receive to the budget about 20 billion hryvnias due to corruption... We need to bring the economy, wages out of the shadows." 

"Corruption is a disease of not only officials, but of the whole society," he said. Therefore, Viktor Yanukovych believes, fighting corruption should be "the cause of the whole country."

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