Public policy to provide citizens with affordable housing will be implemented throughout Ukraine, President Viktor Yanukovych sad today at a ceremony of commissioning a new apartment building in the Holosiyivskyi District, Kyiv. 

The President said today's event is a good example of effective public-private partnership. "It is great that we have this small celebration today, opening the way to constructing housing throughout Ukraine in that manner," Viktor Yanukovych said, noting that affordable housing construction has been subject to hindering at various levels for many years. 

President Yanukovych thanked the builders, local and regional authorities and businessmen that joined the project for their effort. "We will be supporting it," he said. 

Viktor Yanukovych also noted the importance of building the rest of social infrastructure along with the construction of residential blocks. "I am convinced that by combining our efforts in this way we will continue performing our duty to the citizens of our country. I hope that good deeds would bring people together along the way," he said. 

Viktor Yanukovych handed apartment keys to disabled veterans and other participants of the affordable housing program. The Kyiv citizens have received their new apartments in the newly constructed block on Williams Street, 3-A. 

Kyiv City State Administration Chairman Oleksandr Popov has informed the President that 146 apartments in the block are under the program of affordable housing construction in Kyiv. He has informed the President on the situation with providing citizens with public housing in the capital, saying that 1 million 400 thousand square meters of housing is planned to be built by the end of 2011. 


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