President Viktor Yanukovych believes the Public Humanities Council should dedicate more attention to the problem of preservation of national cultural heritage. "I believe that our Public Council should also create a working group patronizing the issue. I believe that is our common duty – to bring this work to the proper level," Viktor Yanukovych said at a meeting of the Public Humanitarian Council. 

The President noted that if, for example, in Kyiv, people still stand up to protect historical monuments, in most regions of Ukraine are already accustomed to the fact that "cultural heritage is destroyed and not restored." 

The issue of preserving national cultural heritage should be under constant care of the state, Viktor Yanukovych said. 

He instructed Minister of Culture Mykhailo Kulyniak to establish the appropriate work with the regions. "You should work with the regions, and ensure that every national heritage site has those responsible for it. And we will be supervising and gradually restoring these sites involving the state, attracting local capabilities," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

"NGOs in the regions, where they already exist, should be involved in the work to protect national heritage sites," he said.


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