President Viktor Yanukovych believes the question of whether Yulia Tymoshenko is guilty or not can be answered only by the court, he said today in Strasbourg, answering reporters’ questions. "If you asked me whether I would have done something so that there was no Tymoshenko trial, I would tell you that I would have done anything so that there was no trial, so that this so-called problem, now being discussed in the society and the world, did not exist. I am the most interested person in Ukraine in us having no such problem," Viktor Yanukovych said

However, Viktor Yanukovych noted, nobody has the right to permit or prohibit law enforcement agencies to perform their functions. "Therefore, all these statements that we hear today about illegal activities or violations by Tymoshenko, or maybe by her Government’s members, some government agencies, are being investigated in a natural way. The investigation goes on..." he said. "The investigation has prepared its materials, the defense has probably prepared its arguments. I think that during an open trial we will see, who is right, and who is guilty, and will be able to draw conclusions," Viktor Yanukovych added. 

The President of Ukraine also urged to separating politics and the law. "We must separate politics and the law, the rule of law. We must not be screening any criminal acts behind political slogans," Viktor Yanukovych said.

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