Key result of the state visit of the Leader of China to Ukraine is the establishment of strategic partnership between Ukraine and China, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said at a joint press conference with Leader of China Hu Jintao. 

"Without exaggeration, it marks a historic breakthrough in the Ukrainian-Chinese relations," Viktor Yanukovych said referring to the Joint Declaration on the Establishment and Development of Strategic Partnership between Ukraine and China. According to President Yanukovych, today’s conclusion of a number of important bilateral documents, including the intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements, and commercial contracts enhancing practical cooperation, is the proof of both sides’ strong willingness to develop positive cooperation. The President, in particular, drew attention to the documents on cooperation in such areas as energy and trade, and expansion of diplomatic presence of Ukraine in China. 

Viktor Yanukovych noted that according to estimates, financial dimension of the agreements, projects, and contracts signed during the visit is about 3.5 billion dollars. 

"Already now we can talks with satisfaction about significant practical work and real achievements in specific areas of cooperation," he said, noting that it applies to such areas as infrastructure construction, energy, innovative development, high-tech, etc. 

According to the President, the two sides praised the current level of Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation and defined key tasks for the future. The President of Ukraine and the Leader of China both agreed that much time and many opportunities had been lost in previous years.

"So we have no right for delays in resolving urgent problems of bilateral cooperation facing our countries, primarily in the political and economic dimension. That is why during our meeting we have focused on discussing real ways to effectively use the existing potential of cooperation in the most promising areas," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

The President said that he and the Leader of China have reached understanding and agreement on all the issues on the agenda. "The result of our talks is the agreement to fill the Ukrainian-Chinese relations of strategic partnership with specific contents," he said. According to him, first of all it concerns intensification of work to initiate and implement joint large investment projects in energy, industry, and agriculture, such as building a mine in the village of Tyahliv of the Lviv region, establishing a joint industrial park of innovation, creating the Ukrainian-Chinese Institute of Welding named after Yavhen Paton, etc. 

Viktor Yanukovych and Hu Jintao also stressed the need to stimulate cooperation to implement a number of infrastructure projects in the Kyiv region and other national projects. 

The parties reached agreements to develop their humanitarian relations, particularly to work out a joint program of celebrating in 2012 the 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Ukraine and China. 

"We are ready to comprehensively strengthen friendly ties between the Ukrainian and Chinese people," President Yanukovych said. 

For his part, Leader of China Hu Jintao said the talks were comprehensive. "The sides have exchanged views on bilateral cooperation ... Many important agreements have been reached as a result of the negotiations," he said. 

Hu Jintao stressed that during the meeting the results of Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation of 19 years of diplomatic relations were summed and new challenges for their development in various directions were set. "We have made a joint decision to establish and develop Chinese-Ukrainian strategic partnership cooperation, which effectively means bringing up Ukrainian-Chinese relations to a new level," the Leader of China said. 

According to him, Ukraine is China’s reliable partner. He expressed support for "the path of development chosen by the Ukrainian people." "We strongly support your desire to play a constructive role in resolving international and inter-regional issues," he said. 

Referring to the results of his visit to Ukraine and the held talks, Hu Jintao said new opportunities have opened in relations between Ukraine and China. He also expressed his conviction that further cooperation should be long term and strategic. "We intend to continue complementing each other on the basis of mutual benefit, to seek a breakthrough in business cooperation in order to achieve our common goal – reaching the trade turnover of 10 billion dollars – as soon as possible " Hu Jintao said. 

The Leader of China added that the parties intend to cooperate actively not only at the government level, but also in trade and economy, investment, high-tech, mineral extraction, production of energy resources, and agriculture. "This should be a qualitative progress of cooperation in a short time," he added. 

Hu Jintao also stressed that the Chinese side is ready to allow imports of competitive goods from Ukraine and supports large Chinese companies’ willingness to establish production in Ukraine. 

He moreover announced that there are plans for the future to expand humanitarian and cultural cooperation, cooperation between research institutions and youth organizations. Hu Jintao also said that the Chinese side has decided to increase the number of scholarships for Ukrainian students in 2012-2013 school year and invited Ukrainian children affected by the Chernobyl accident to come for treatment and rehabilitation to China next year.


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