President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and Leader of China Hu Jintao have signed Joint Declaration on the Establishment and Development of Strategic Partnership between Ukraine and China. 

The document establishes strategic partnership relations between Ukraine and China, and defines basic principles on which these relations are founded. 

Both sides stress mutual support to state sovereignty and territorial integrity; respect for each side’s chosen path development; mutual non-use of force or threat of force, economic or other pressure; intensification of interstate political dialogue at the top, high and other levels. 

The Declaration also specifies the activities of the Commission on Bilateral Cooperation, priority areas of cooperation, cooperation within the UN, joint efforts to ensure peace, stability and security in the world etc. 

The Chinese side also pledges not to use or threaten the use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine, which does not have such weapons. 

Also, in the presence of the Heads of State were signed: 

  • Intergovernmental Agreement on Providing Free Assistance to the Government of Ukraine. The document was necessary to officially register the decision of the Government of China to provide free assistance to the Government of Ukraine in the amount of 80 million yuan (12.3 million dollars); 
  • Protocol between the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and Ministry of Commerce of the PRC on the Periodic Exchange of Tentative Lists of Export and Import Goods. Signing of the Protocol will contribute to the enrichment, improvement and balanced development of Ukrainian-Chinese bilateral trade; 

  • Memorandum of Understanding in Energy between the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and National Energy Administration of China. The Memorandum identifies main areas of cooperation as joint participation in oil and gas projects, exchange of information about energy facilities in the two countries that are planned to be built or modernized, cooperation in the area of peaceful use of nuclear energy in accordance with the applicable agreements;

  • Loan Agreement between the State Enterprise "Directorate on the Construction and Management of Air Express National Project and other Infrastructure Facilities of the Kiev Region" and the Export-Import Bank of China.

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