President Viktor Yanukovych expects the Parliament to consider in September all the draft laws necessary for carrying out land reform, he said in the Vinnytsya region. 

"Yesterday, we have in fact agreed the concept of land reform and the necessary bills. I hope these documents will be considered and be put on a public discussion in all regions of Ukraine," he said. According to Viktor Yanukovych, every person must be given the opportunity to express his or her views on the issue. "We will hold the discussions in July and August, and in September the Parliament will most likely consider the bills," he said.

He stressed that land reform aims to adjust the question of land leasing and selling. "This reform will enable the holders of plots – there are about 6.5 million of them – to get a fair price when leasing their land and, eventually, when the appropriate procedures are worked out, the opportunity to sell it if they like. But only here, within the country," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

He expressed confidence that land reform would remove corruption in this area, create conditions for effective use of agricultural land and boost agricultural production. This reform will also help restore infrastructure in rural areas. "We are preparing this reform in such a way that it stimulated agriculture. This is the main goal," he said.

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