President of the Alliance for Ukraine without Orphans Ruslan Maliuta has told UKRINFORM  that the organization is planning to initiate legislative benefits for adoptive parents from the Ukrainian diaspora. However, such proposals will be made after the reform of the State Department for Adoption and the Protection of Children's Rights.

The adoption of Ukrainian orphans by representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora could provide a strong impetus to solve the problem of orphanage in Ukraine and favor the upbringing in families of older orphaned children and children with special needs, he said.

Maliuta noted that the assistance being provided to Ukrainian orphans by the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States, Canada and other countries was "very significant". And it is not limited only to the opening of childcare centers in Ukraine and the provision of financial and humanitarian assistance. There are many families of Ukrainians abroad who adopted orphans from Ukraine. Therefore, "we will consider at the national level the issue of introducing during inter-state adoption of special privileges or any special process of assistance, when adoption is carried out by the Ukrainian diaspora," he said.

According to the State Department for Adoption and the Protection of Children's Rights, child services have currently registered over 1,700 families wishing to adopt an orphaned child.

In 2005, Ukrainians adopted about 1,400 children, while in 2010, their number was over 2,200, whereas foreigners adopted 2,100 and 1,200 children respectively.

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