Ex-President Viktor Yushchenko has called a number of mistakes made by the current regime.

The biggest mistake, according to him, is implementation of the gas contracts signed by former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko in 2009. Yushchenko said this to journalists during his stay in Sumy region, UKRINFORM reported.

In his opinion, the current power had good reasons to announce these agreements as illegal and advocate their repeal.

The first mistake caused others, including the signing of Kharkiv agreements, whose primary purpose was "to take away from Ukraine a piece of land for 25 years more."

"This is a set of serious mistakes, which took away the most important trump cards from the current authority", Viktor Yushchenko said.

In his view, it makes no sense today to hold discussions about gas, because unsuccessful negotiations on gas are a consequence of the ill, weak, Little-Russia politics. "Gas is an echo of politics. This is, unfortunately, not an economic category," Yushchenko said.

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