With the current pace of growth, the financial and economic indicators of Ukraine will not reach pre-crisis levels before 2013, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said in an interview with UKRINFORM.

"Last year we had more than 4% growth. This year, we estimate an increase of 4% and more. But in 2009 we lost 15%! That is, with this rate of growth, we will get out of the pit we fell into in a year and a half more," he said.
The premier stressed that political and economic stability contribute to keeping these growth rates.

According to macroeconomic indicators of the Ministry of Finance, the 2011 budget provides for GDP growth of 4.5% and inflation of 8.9%.
Azarov said that in Ukraine there is no reason for the destabilization of economic and financial situation and instability in the foreign exchange market.

"Any normal person, any expert in the Internet age by reading, for example, the data of the State Treasury, the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank, concludes that in this financial and economic situation - it is better in Ukraine than in any previous periods," he said.

The prime minister noted that now many financial and economic indicators in Ukraine are the best in the last 20 years.

"We now have available funds in the general fund of the State Budget of the government at the Treasury of about UAH 42 billion (USD 1 - UAH 7.97). In none of the reporting periods for the last twenty years the government has such a significant amount of financial resources...The financial and economic situation is absolutely stable," Azarov emphasized.

According to him, on its accounts the government has approximately UAH 18 billion.

In addition, gold and forex reserves on the accounts of the National Bank have reached their highest for the past twenty years and total more than USD 38 billion.

"All this in aggregate makes the financial and economic situation absolutely stable and reliable," the prime minister underscored.

According to Azarov, at a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow on June 7 he plans to discuss the price of Russian natural gas and its transit through Ukrainian territory,

"Tymoshenko signed this fettering for us formula providing for the growth of gas prices, while preserving the then transit rates, thus, in essence, Ukraine suffers losses, without receiving compensation related to the increase in gas prices, the compensation related to gas pumping, which we carry out through our territory. It is also absolutely abnormal," he said.

"Once the price of gas has increased, let's compensate us the rate of transit," the Ukrainian prime minister added.

Azarov said that during a meeting he intends to draw attention of his Russian counterpart that gas for Ukraine is more expensive than for Slovakia or Germany, which are more distant from Russia.

In addition, given the large volumes of purchases, Ukraine will seek discount for this energy resource and focus that just use of its underground storage facilities can provide the supply of resources to Europe, which, however, is not included in the contracts.

The prime minister expressed hope for understanding Ukraine's position by the Russian side, because, he said, "we in our proposals proceed from the fact that our countries have a strategic partnership, there are normal neighborly relations, which we have largely restored".

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