President Viktor Yanukovych urges the regions of Ukraine to be more active in searching for and attracting investment, he said today at a meeting of the Council of Regions in Yalta. 

"We will hold an exhibition of investment attractiveness of the regions soon, most likely in the fall, where each region will show its capabilities: prepared investment projects, proposals, etc.," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

The President noted that despite much has been said about the importance of regional development and attracting investment to the regions, not all the regions have responded to that appropriately. He said he is well aware, who of the regional administrations chairmen and regional communities dedicates enough attention to this issue, and who does not. 

Viktor Yanukovych also added that the Government block responsible for regional development is not doing its job very well. "We do not see enough activity here. It must not be so," he said. 

Addressing the meeting, the President urged them to be more initiative. "We, on our part, will be crating conditions at the state level, and promoting these programs (of regional development) at the international level. You will have the opportunity of representing our regions abroad," he said.


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