President Viktor Yanukovych appeals to all the political forces of Ukraine with the request to end political speculations on history, language and ethno-cultural issues. 

"I would like to warn the politicians, and those who play such a policy and encourage people to dangerous behavior: you will be brought to justice for violation of law and order, and posing threat to the life and health of people. And there will be no exceptions, regardless of political colors and flags," he said at a a meeting of the Council of Regions in Yalta. 

"I urge all the politicians to tolerance and cooperation," he said. 

He added that this year Ukraine is celebrating the 20th anniversary of independence and 15th anniversary of the Constitution. "Independence of the country, its development, raising people’s welfare, strict observance of human rights are the things that should unite us all," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

The President proposed that MPs, all the politicians regardless of flag color, made a joint appeal to reconciliation and avoiding radicalism in politics. 

"I think such a statement could become an important bridge of understanding between the regional councils of the west, east, north and south of Ukraine," he said. 

"Dear colleagues, please stop competing over who makes the loudest statement. Let’s make it a thing of the past and forget about it - it causes only disrespect for politicians. That is not what the country and society need today. We should think how to build a strong, powerful country, how to improve people's lives. Let’s compete over that instead," Viktor Yanukovych said.


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