Ukraine has recently faced a serious problem: political radicalism and ideological extremes. It was they to have caused clashes in the squares and tensions in the society. This was stated by President Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine at a meeting of the Council of Regions, which is taking place in Crimea, UKRINFORM reported.

The head of state recalled the events of May 9 in Lviv, "when political extremists and provocateurs became a threat to stable life and peaceful development of Ukraine." The reason for these phenomena, according to the President, is the accumulation of problems in the society over the recent years: poverty, low standards of living, unemployment, and corruption.

At the same time, Viktor Yanukovych stressed that stability of the society is threatened by not only economic, but also humanitarian problems. Addressing the Minister of Culture, Mykhailo Kulyniak, and the Minister of Education and Science, Youth and Sport, Dmytro Tabachnyk, he said: "If you continue to pursue a policy that does not unite young people but forces them to take to the streets with various slogans, you will end up as your colleagues did at the previous meeting of the government."

The President stressed that this also applies to regional leaders, "who are sitting on their hands and waiting."

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