Inter-regional forums and interaction between regional reforms committees could be an effective intellectual and organizational framework to overcome the gap in social-economic development of the regions of Ukraine, President Viktor Yanukovych said at a meeting of the Council of Regions in Yalta.

He reminded that he had already instructed the Government to develop a program to reform the system of public management of regional development, with the creation of State Regional Development Fund being one of its mandatory components.

The Fund is to finance the modernization of transport and municipal infrastructure, promote investment into the creation of jobs in the regions, provide financial support for small and medium businesses whose activities are related to the state-identified priority areas, etc.

Today, he said, when the abovementioned documents are under elaboration, it is important to work out an effective mechanism of coordinating national, regional, and local interests.

"I think that the Regional Development Strategy and the Law ‘On the Principles of Regional Policy’ must go through coordination and get support not only from the central authorities, but also from the regional councils and public administrations," Viktor Yanukovych said.

According to the President, the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing, and the Secretariat of the Council of Regions must organize a constant dialogue between Ukraine's regions and ensure generalization of their proposals.

As to the supervision, Viktor Yanukovych said, the Committee of Economic Reforms is a perfect mechanism of influence on the development of government decisions as it has offices in each region.

"Make the most of this mechanism in order to influence public policy," he said, referring the Council of Regions members.

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