The development of the capital, its improvement and renewal is a matter of national importance. "Order in a state begins with its capital. The success of modernization of the whole Ukraine will depend on how successful and effective will be changes in Kyiv," President Viktor Yanukovych said during the presentation for the Kyiv Development Strategy until 2025. 

Certainly, Viktor Yanukovych said, Kyiv is the face of Ukraine, its business card, which largely forms the image of Ukraine in the whole world. 

The President stressed that the city’s leadership must always remember: primary criteria for evaluating their work is the welfare and quality of life of millions of Kyiv citizens, who want comfortable and safe living conditions, landscaping and beautification, clean air and comfort.

"Creating the right conditions for city’s residents is the main task of the local authorities... We have lots of work here. And we do know how to do it," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

Painful remains the question of fighting corruption and the consequences of Kyiv property and land theft, he said. 

"Fighting the disgraceful phenomenon of corruption must be continuous, disregarding the ranks. I look forward to the Kyiv Council’s appropriate stance in this regard. I have no doubt that we will bring order together in that area. We will be rooting out corruption. And not only in Kyiv, but in other cities of Ukraine too," he said

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