The deputies, who left the Bloc of Leonid Chernovetsky fraction in Kyiv City Council on April 28, have given up on their future political careers. This opinion was passed by Serghey Kuzmenko, director of the Center All Ukrainian Sociological Union.

    “They had good chances to continue their political careers in Kyiv City Council given that there was a strong team experienced in working for elections. Having left the fraction they lost this chance. Knowing voters’ attitude towards such “line-crossers” one could predict that any other party is unlikely to take them under its wing during next elections. De facto the majority of these people have already committed a political suicide. Their motivation for such actions remains a mystery”, the sociologist noted.

    According to his words, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the results of previous elections to be able to make forecasts for future electoral campaigns. Serghey Kuzmenko emphasizes that team of Chernovetsky Bloc shows consistently growing results in every election campaign. For the first time this was evidenced by the victory of Vyacheslav Suprunenko in 2002 elections to the City Council in 73rd electoral district. At that time he outrun two fold both of his important competitors – Vyacheslav Budenko who enjoyed significant support from the part of the then city authorities, and Yaroslav Kondratiev, chancellor of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    «The results shown by Vyacheslav Suprunenko and his team become more and more consistent in every campaign. This means that the team of Chernovetsky Bloc is able to produce results for elections. Accordingly it will be much easier for Suprunenko (not even taking into consideration all his possibilities as a son-in-law of the official Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky) to find a new financing for any election campaign since investors have already been aware of his previous outcomes and are ready to allocate resources into a guaranteed success”, underlines Serghey Kuzmenko

    As previously reported, on April 28, 17 out of 43 deputies of the Bloc of Leonid Chernovetsky fraction in Kyiv City Council announced that they left the fraction and submitted respective applications.

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