The 2011 National Action Plan on implementing the Program of Reforms defines a number of specific measures, First Deputy Chief of Staff, Representative of the President in the Cabinet of Ministers Iryna Akimova said at a briefing, presidential press office informed. 

According to Iryna Akimova, the action plan is a schedule of implementing various activities in all areas of economic reforms. "It is a long list that contains more than 800 measures in 21 areas designated by the Program of Economic Reforms," she said. 

"The National Action Plan shows the direction we will be going in during the next 3,5 years. On the other hand, it will allow to monitor the process for slowdowns or even deviations from the planned path," Iryna Akimova said. 

Among the key priorities identified in the National Action Plan for 2011, she said, is the continuation of fiscal and monetary stabilization, and the deregulation of the economy. 

Fiscal and monetary stabilization, she said, depends primarily on solving problems of the destabilized banks. "Some of the tasks scheduled for the first quarter of this year have already been performed," she added. 

Speaking about the deregulation of the economy, Iryna Akimova said that most of the laws in this area have already been approved in the first quarter of the year. " I hope that the remainder of laws will be approved by the end of the summer session of the Parliament," she said. 

Another priority for 2011, Iryna Akimova said, is an agrarian market reform and preparing legal and technical basis for introduction of a full-fledged agricultural land market in 2012. It requires, inter alia, the adoption of a number of laws, such as the law on the state land cadaster, as well as those on strengthening control over the use of land, consolidation of agricultural land, agricultural land mortgage, etc. 

"These issues should be resolved by the end of 2011, so that starting from January 1 the agricultural land market started functioning," she said. 

Special attention is dedicated in the National Action Plan to the effective promotion of privatization process. "That is why the National Plan sets a task of approving a program of privatization and making necessary changes to the relevant legislation as a major task for 2011," Iryna Akimova said. 

Energy sector is another priority for 2011. According to Iryna Akimova, the plan provides for addressing such issues as tariff formation, diversification of sources of energy imports, restructuring of the Naftogaz of Ukraine, continuation of privatization in this area, etc. 

There are important tasks for 2011 in the social sphere too. First of all, it concerns pension system reform, Iryna Akimova said.


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