"For a quarter-century we have been carrying in our hearts and souls the pain inflicted by the devastating accident at the Chornobyl NPP,' president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych aid in his address on the Day of Chornobyl tragedy.

"For a quarter-century in Ukraine and the world the time has been torn ominously into two: before and after the Chornobyl. Before April 26, 1986 the world had an illusion of security. After this date no one and nowhere can be sure of a safe future. And the events at the Japanese Fukushima Daiichi NPP have only confirmed this bitter truth of life," he said.

The president paid tribute to all those who gave up their lives fighting the radiation: firemen, policemen, soldiers, airmen, energy technicians. Yanukovych also honored heroes-liquidators who are fortunately still with us. 

"Ukraine, like no other state, has done every effort to ensure that Chornobyl ceased to be a factor of fear and instability for the world.

But even the most powerful state cannot mitigate the disaster of such magnitude by itself. And Ukraine is no exception.

Chornobyl has become the challenge of global scale. And only the united international community can provide an appropriate response to this challenge. Unfortunately, Ukraine has been almost alone mitigating the Chornobyl disaster. But now we are not alone anymore," the president noted.

Yanukovych reminded that in April Ukraine held an international donor conference, where about 550 million euros were collected for Chornobyl fund. In addition, our country has agreements with partners on additional funding of all the planned activities. The provided guarantees will allow Ukraine to build a safe shelter over the fourth reactor by 2015.


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