"Ukraine is a multi-religious country, which fact requires us to conduct reasonable policy in the area of religion," President Viktor Yanukovych said at today’s meeting with leaders of churches and religious organizations of Ukraine. 

Our policy “is aimed at creating favorable conditions for religious organizations, ensuring equal rights and opportunities, promote tolerance and respect among the faithful," he said, adding that since the independence, Ukraine has taken significant steps to ensure the proper status of religious organizations. 

"As of today, most of the restrictions on the activities of churches have been lifted and foundations for the state-church cooperation have been laid. The government reform aimed at that, among other things, too. The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has been made responsible for supervising state policy in the area of religion. I am confident that such an optimization will yield good results,” Viktor Yanukovych said. 

Developing relations in various fields between the central and local government, and the religious organizations is very important for ensuring the right to freedom of conscience, President Yanukovych said. In his opinion, much is yet to be done by the state and church jointly in education, employment, support of military forces, etc.


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