The Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine considers it possible that the average wage will double in this country, Federation Chairman Vasyl Khara said speaking during the discussion club meeting at the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, UKRINFORM reported.

Khara said that the GDP per capita in Ukraine is four times less than in Europe, and the average wage 20 times lower than the average European. Thus, he said, a double increase of wages in Ukraine is possible without prejudice to the producers.

"Twofold increase of salary in the economy will provide the pension fund budget with additional 70 billion UAH," he stressed.

Khara added that the trade union federation had sent a relevant proposal to the group, which is developing a draft of amendments to the pension and labor laws. The Federation also sent to developers of projects for reform of pension and labor relations a number of proposals on the development of production and taking the economy out of the shadow.

According to Khara, a successful action in legalization of the economy can increase the Pension Fund budget by another 45 billion UAH.

As reported, the average wage in Ukraine in February rose by 1.8% to UAH 2,338 per month. According to the State Statistics Service, the highest salary is in Kyiv 3,555 UAH, and the lowest indicators were recorded in Ternopil region, where the average salary is 1,671 UAH per month (1 USD - 7.97 UAH).

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