The conference has become a real breakthrough against the background of previous similar events,  President Viktor Yanukovych said in a statement to the media after the conference to raise additional funds for the Chornobyl projects.

"Together with our international partners we managed to raise 550 million euros today, which we believe is a preliminary figure, for the implementation of the Chornobyl projects," he said.

Ukraine has contributed 29 million euros.

According to Yanukovych, constructive cooperation with the EU in everything that concerns Chornobyl proves , among other things, that Ukraine and the EU realize the prospects of strategic cooperation in all areas.

"This is how it should be between the two parties, who are in an active integration process.

If someone thinks that the process of raising funds for Chornobyl was easy, they are certainly mistaken. The obstacles were numerous economic and financial difficulties due to the consequences of the global financial crisis.

However, our partners have shown strong support for Ukraine's efforts in addressing the Chornobyl problems," the president thanked the international community.

For his part, Prime Minister Francois Fillon has underscored the importance of today’s Chornobyl conference, especially in the context of recent events in Japan. He stressed that the countries that have gathered at today's event, "once again proved their readiness to provide financial assistance in completing the construction of the Shelter and the new storage facility.”

"This once again showed the sense of responsibility of the international community," Francois Fillon said.

In turn, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso expressed hope that the raised funds will allow us to achieve the global goals talked of at the conference. "As for the European Union - we are proud to make our contribution into the process," he said.

According to Jose Manuel Barroso, the contributions of the EU member states and those made by the European Commission make a half of the funds needed on the Shelter and the Chornobyl NPP nuclear safety.

"This is a clear manifestation of our solidarity with the Ukrainian friends", the European Commission President said.

"We will analyze lessons of the past at today’s Summit and discuss global safety standards at nuclear power plants, so the EU invites its neighboring countries and international partners to check the security of nuclear plants to make security rules more restrictive," Jose Manuel Barroso said, adding that this process should involve the IAEA and other relevant structures.

The Fukushima I NPP events have reminded that nuclear risks are beyond borders, Jose Manuel Barroso said. “Solidarity and responsibility should not be limited by state borders either,” he added.

EBRD President Thomas Mirow said in turn that the bank and the managers of funds for the Chornobyl projects feel all the responsibility of this task. "We will strive to complete all the planned work by 2015," Thomas Mirow said.

"The people of Ukraine, future generations will live in safety and be sure: all that could be done to protect them from such risks has been done," the EBRD President summed up.


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