Ukrainian nuclear power plants are equipped with additional water tanks for heat removal and life support generators, as an official of the Emergency Control Ministry Hryhoriy Marchenko said, answering journalists' questions whether Ukrainian nuclear power plants are able to withstand earthquakes like Japanese in Fukushima.

According to Marchenko, additional security measures at nuclear power plants were established on the recommendations of the IAEA after the Chernobyl accident.

"As another additional security measure, we have an independent inspectorate, which checks nuclear power plants. Inspectors do not subordinated to administrations of plants, so there is every reason to say, that in our nuclear power plants have the largest package of measures to prevent emergencies," he said.

According to Basil Kvashuk, Director of Civil Defense Department of the Emergency Control Ministry, Ukraine is a seismically safe territory, and there can not be such powerful earthquakes as in Japan.

"The most dangerous areas are the Carpathian and Crimean mountains. These are young mountains, and the maximum possible earthquake here can be of 8 points. As for Kyiv, the highest fluctuations that can happen are of 6 points, and all buildings are built taking into account these figures. Besides, 6 points is a calculation of earthquake capacity that might happen once in a thousand years, " Vasily Kvashuk said.

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