In 2010, Ukraine achieved resounding successes in building up an effective national anticorruption mechanism, Ye Feng, Secretary General of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (the IAACA) said in his letter to President Viktor Yanukovych.

Ukrainian law enforcement bodies have achieved remarkable successes in fighting corruption. It is indicative that their efforts have been really concentrated on fighting corruption in state power of the highest level. It is the first time since the declaration of independence, when high-ranking public officials have become subjects to anti-corruption checks and investigations, the letter reads.

The IAACA welcomes the openness and transparency of the Ukrainian anti-corruption bodies while carrying out the abovementioned investigations, as well as the participation of specialists from world-known audit and judicial companies in conducting the financial checks.

Successful counteraction to corruption at this level, along with measures taken by the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine to indemnify for the damages, will guarantee the improvement of state mechanisms of fighting corruption, the letter reads.

We fully support “All are equal before the law” slogan declared by President Viktor Yanukovych, and believe it is fair, Secretary General Ye Feng said.

He also expressed hope that in spite of considerable pressure and resistance, the political leadership of Ukraine will continue its steady measures to fight against corruption.

We are sure that the leadership of Ukrainian national anti-corruption agencies will have enough persistence, experience and commitment to stand up under any pressure, the letter reads.


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