The stolen money must be returned, President Viktor Yanukovych said in Lviv during an expanded meeting of the Regional Committee on Economic Reforms, referring to the problem of misappropriation of the money allocated by the state to overcome the consequences of natural disasters in the western regions of Ukraine in previous years.

"Such shameless stealing will be no more... And it is not about politics, or party colors. Corruption has no party color. It is a crime," he said. 

When asked by the media to specify the names of leaders, who are suspected of misappropriation, Viktor Yanukovych noted that "those names are known, the people surely know them." 

"The initiated and then closed proceedings must be re-initiated and approached responsibly," he said. 

The President stressed that he is against the throwing behind bars at every occasion. "It is a question of responsibility for a crime. They must return the stolen public funds. Their destiny depends on whether they will," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

Today, he said, he instructs law enforcement agencies to fight against corruption for real. 

Speaking at the meeting, the President also drew attention to the problem of about 300 different facilities, the construction of which had been financed by the state, but still remains unfinished.

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