Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko expects Ukraine and the European Union to sign an Association Agreement by the end of 2011.

"We’re joining this process so that by the end of this year an agreement on political association and free trade is signed. This will cut off the path to an authoritative past and offer us a path of completely different quality. But we can see that the team in power is slowing down or even obstructing this movement and so we want to join this process, do all these things that need to be done and take them under the control of the opposition," Yulia Tymoshenko said on ICTV, according to the official website.

Yulia Tymoshenko recalled that according to analysis by independent experts, only 4 of the 70 points of the EU Association Agenda have been fully implemented and another 7 partially implemented. "Our government signed the Association Agenda and we began to implement it step by step. We transferred responsibility to the current government to bring this to a close by the end of the year. The schedule sets a deadline year end. This simply needs to be done and the first stage completed," she said.

Yulia Tymoshenko also believes that European integration wasn’t a goal of governments in previous years. "At a time when it was necessary to prepare the country for integration with the European space and European community, they were busy dividing property. We missed the first wave of EU expansion back when President Kuchma was in power," she said.

"No president of Ukraine has ever wanted to do this completely because over the 20 years of Ukrainian independence a system of criminal clans was being built. This isn’t democracy - it’s several families controlling everything in the absence of democratic institutions. We need to start at some point. I was certain that we would start this immediately after the presidential elections in 2005. I believed in this, but, unfortunately, our clans adopt our presidents in a matter of minutes," she added.

As reported, on March 24, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy, Stefan Füle, after a meeting with Yulia Tymoshenko said that the process of shaping reforms for Ukraine’s rapprochement with the EU needs the engagement of the opposition.

"As leader of the opposition, Mrs Tymoshenko stressed she would play a constructive role in this regard in particular on the election code, which we discussed at length. Inclusiveness and maximum transparency in the reforms of the constitution, the election code and the judiciary are essential," Stefan Füle said.

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