Second Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma (1994-2004) has said he will challenge a resolution by the Prosecutor General's Office to open a criminal case against him. He announced this on Thursday before another round of questioning at the main investigation department of the Prosecutor General's Office, UKRINFORM reported.

Kuchma said that during investigative actions at the Prosecutor General's Office on Wednesday, he had denied all accusations. "I do not agree with all points of the resolution," he said.

Kuchma also said that he planned to have a face-to-face meeting with former Interior Ministry General Oleksiy Pukach, who is accused of killing journalist Georgy Gongadze.

As reported, on March 22, Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin said that a criminal case had been opened against Kuchma on suspicion of involvement in illegal activities and the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze, as well as illegal actions with respect to journalist Oleksiy Podolsky.

On March 23, an investigator questioned Kuchma at the Prosecutor General's Office and imposed travel restrictions on him. During the investigation, Kuchma refused to meet with his former bodyguard Mykola Melnychenko, the author of the tapes allegedly made in the office of the former president.

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