"Dear participants of the meeting! 

I sincerely congratulate you on the opening of the national representative forum aimed at making another step to unite all the responsible forces around strategic development tasks. 

Ukraine has chosen a difficult path of deep, comprehensive modernization of all areas of public life. Our common goal is ensuring the country's social progress and prosperity, which will guarantee decent life for each person. 

I believe that this mission will become a winning national idea, able to unite the society, authorities and public institutions. 

During this interim, extremely difficult period, the country desperately needs national consensus and understanding. We cannot allow European progress of the state being hampered by political conflicts and confrontation. The bright ideal of national unity must not be blackened by destructive manifestations of alienation and hostility. 

The Party of Regions, which is a monolithic, powerful political force, standing firm on statehood positions, and being the embodiment of professionalism and responsibility, plays the key role in implementation of the planned reforms and ensuring political stability and political unity. 

It is essential to overcome sometimes hidden, sometimes outright opposition of the corrupt bureaucratic system, which is not interested in reforms and cannot accept the inevitable loss of its unlimited powers. 

I know that true patriots and professionals have gathered in this hall, who are deeply concerned for the fate of the state and have deep sense of responsibility for its future. 

I am confident that each of you feels personal involvement in the changes that have started, willingness to justify the confidence of voters with your effective actions and ensure successful development of local communities and the entire country. 

I wish you all success on that path. 

By joining our efforts we will achieve our major goal - to build a successful and prosperous Ukraine," President Yanukovych wrote in the address. 


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