President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych suggests creating a digital library, containing a wealth of information about Ukraine, its history, culture, geography and present, he said at a meeting of the Public Humanitarian Council, held yesterday, presidential press office reported. 

"Let's start the movement to create a cultural matrix, which would allow seeing and experiencing the real Ukraine - dreamed of and created not only by us, but by many generations of our predecessors. I am talking about creation of a full-scale digital library in Ukraine. 

Already today, I would like to give an instruction to make proposals on the development of this movement and creation of infrastructure to ensure creation of such a library," he said. 

Viktor Yanukovych stressed that there are many electronic resources containing different information about Ukraine. But the problem is that this information is dispersed, unsystematic and often extremely hard to find. 

"So let's create a resource, where all the most important things created in our land during centuries would be available. Let’s supplement that with everything that has been created by academic institutions and theaters, publishing houses and recording studios over the last 20 years. Let's make everything being kept in reserve funds of the museums available to the people..." he said. 

According to the President, donors’ support, rational management of grants and capabilities of the existing public organizations, and most effective use of available public funds will ensure the project’s success. 

"I have no doubt that the process of sharing knowledge will be supported by numerous active people from small villages and towns. Many of them will consider contributing the history of their regions, towns and villages to the general historical and cultural map of Ukraine a matter of pride. In parallel, it will challenge academic institutions, writers, museums, each of us," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

In order to make the project more efficient, the President said, it should be developed as a public initiative, which is state-initiated only by its form, not the content.

“I know and believe that in the future the Internet and new technologies will not only give impetus to the development of book publishing, filmmaking, music, theater, museums, but also promote the development of civil society in general," Viktor Yanukovych added.


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