Deputies representing both the majority of the Ukrainian parliament and the opposition during a meeting of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Cooperation Committee in Brussels "were speaking with one voice" about the need for reforms in the country, and this is a prerequisite for success. Such an assessment was made by the co-chairman of the European part of the Committee, Polish MEP Pawel Kowal, UKRINFORM reported.

In his words, the Committee has not seen such a unity of the authorities and the opposition for a long time. Kowal is confident that for MEPs from all EU countries it was very important to hear it and see that today Ukrainians have a common goal in order to complete negotiations on association with the EU this year. The MEP added that that the EU has seen that there is strong support for this approach at the political level in Ukraine.

He noted that the European Parliament has recently become more open in speaking about European prospects for Ukraine than the other European institutions. Kowal said that at the meeting in Brussels MEPs from all groups of the European Parliament understood: the condition for the introduction of very tough reforms that Ukraine is facing should be a membership prospect in the future. In his words, it is clear that this will not happen tomorrow. The European parliamentarian believes that the EU should provide such support through clear political declarations.

At the same time, Kowal agreed with the opinion that the EU is not going and will not push Ukraine towards European integration - the impulse in this direction should come from Ukraine itself. For its part, its devotion to the ideas of European integration, according to the MEP, Ukraine can only prove through reforms.

Kowal stressed that the EU knows exactly what kind of reforms there should be, particularly in the context of a visa-free regime. And when the MEPs receive information that the authorities in Kyiv have already taken the first steps, this is the best news and the best recommendation for Ukraine as for the state which seeks advancement through European integration.

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