Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko today submitted a petition to Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka calling for an investigation into the falsification of socio-economic development figures in Ukraine in 2010.

"I addressed the statement to the Prosecutor General rather than the investigator, because investigators, unfortunately, are hostages of the illegal and dishonest behavior of the Prosecutor General himself," Yulia Tymoshenko told reporters today after her latest visit to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The ex-premier believes the current government will be held accountable for manipulating economic indicators and failing to index wages, pensions and other social payment as required by law.

"I understand very well that the Prosecutor General’s Office won’t lift a finger to investigate this crime, but I believe that the new Prosecutor General, under the new government, because I am confident that they won’t be bullying the country much longer, will sort out this crime and will restore justice. In 2010 people deserved higher pensions and wages," Yulia Tymoshenko added.

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