Front for Change Party leader and MP Arseniy Yatseniuk has called on representatives of the opposition in the parliament to sign a resolution of no confidence in the government.

"The resolution of no confidence in the government is an act of the opposition, and I would like, first of all, to call on the opposition [for support] so as to obtain 150 signatures," Yatseniuk said on the TVi Channel on Wednesday evening, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

He said that at present 107 signatures from the BYT faction and 20 signatures from the Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense faction have been already gathered, but nevertheless 150 are needed.

"Let everyone show their political position not verbally, but practically. I believe that all opposition MPs both from the BYT and the OU-PSD will provide their signatures," Yatseniuk said.

The Front for Change Party leader also said at present the opposition has became stronger, but it is important for it to obtain a large measure of public support, and for this purpose, according to Yatseniuk, it is necessary not just to unite, but "to become qualitatively different."


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