The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is not going to interfere with developments in Libya, Oleh Voloshyn, director of the Foreign Ministry's Information Policy Department told LIGABusinessInform, UKRINFORM reported.

"If some of foreign partners of Ukraine consider it necessary to support Muammar Gaddafi, or support the Libyan opposition, so this is their right," the spokesperson said.

"We have qualified specialists on the Middle East, who worked in the region for many years. They all agree that intervention in the affairs of the Arab world has always hurt those who intervened. Arabs strongly dislike when someone makes decisions for them, or hang labels," the diplomat stressed.

According to him, unequivocal statements regarding the events in Libya could harm the citizens of Ukraine who are in the country. "The official position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is as follows: we are certainly concerned about and condemn the use of violence by armed forces against civilians. We believe that no authority has the right to fire on its citizens, and, of course, if the regime of Gaddafi went to such measures, it deserves the utmost conviction," the spokesperson emphasized.

"At the same time, we realize that some of our citizens are still in Libya, and if we make an unambiguous statement in support of one of the warring parties, we will make our people into hostages. Events are developing so that there is no guarantee that parties to the conflict are fully able to protect foreigners in their territory," Voloshyn underscored.

Ukraine has already evacuated 404 citizens from Libya.

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