Speaking at the meeting of the Committee on Economic Reforms, chaired by President Viktor Yanukovych,  First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Commerce of Ukraine Andriy Kliuyev informed the officials that the program of investment in Ukraine's economy for 2011-2012 foresees attracting about 168 billion UAH of investment.

"At the time, we have investment projects worth about 168 billion UAH. Concerning the foreign investment, about 40% of these 168 billion are foreign investment," he said. 

Speaking about functioning of the State Regional Development Fund, the First Deputy Prime Minister said: "We think that we will be able to make the Fund start working by April ... it will also start cooperating systematically with the Bank for Reconstruction and Development.” 

Andriy Klyuyev added that currently the Bank for Reconstruction and Development is represented in Ukraine with a small capital, but it has all the opportunities to work effectively. 

"It is small, but if we work together with the National Bank, together with state investors, we can make it work quite effectively together," the First Deputy Prime Minister summed up. 

In this regard President Yanukovych instructed Prime Minister Azarov to prepare a plan of implementation of this program (on the creation of the State Fund for Reconstruction and Development).

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