Opening the first meeting of Scientific-Expert Group on establishing Constitutional Assembly, President Viktor Yanukovych thanked the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk for initiating the Constitutional Assembly creation. 

He noted the broad experience of the Scientific-Expert Group members, who will be working on the establishment of the Constitutional Assembly. "Most of those present at this table have been at different times directly involved in the work on the Ukrainian Constitution as a whole, and the formation of its individual parts," Viktor Yanukovych stressed, adding that this experience will be useful. 

The President noted that the question of constitutional reform has appeared almost immediately after the approval of the Basic Law in 1996. The Constitution has been criticized by different sides, even before it has started working, Viktor Yanukovych said.

According to President Yanukovych, now it is time to resume the process of improving the Basic Law: "Because of the transformations in the society, because of the changes that the Constitution has outlived, including the infamous alterations of December 2004, because of a critical point of view, which corresponds the requirements of the present, the work on a new Constitution should be resumed," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

"I am convinced that this work should be aimed at raising the level of public confidence in the Basic Law. And we must do everything to consolidate the society around this process, so that the Ukrainian nation has at last made this deliberate step into the future together with us, the politicians” he said. 

Viktor Yanukovych noted that reforms, which have started in Ukraine, are aimed at changes for the better in various areas of life of our country. 

"So now, we are talking about the harmonization of these changes, a sequence of reforms. We cannot reform a single branch, a separate area of life of our country. The approached to this process must be systemic, and the reforms must be truly comprehensive. The new Constitution of Ukraine is urgently needed, and is the culmination of this work," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

"The Constitution must protect human rights and create conditions for harmonious development of our country and establishment of the effective governance," he said. 

"We all must work through the issue of organization of this process carefully. First of all we must create the Constituent Assembly, and then, of course, ensure its effective work. This is the experience, which many countries have had. And therefore, I decided to support this initiative, " he said. 

The President stressed that Leonid Kravchuk’s experience of working as President of Ukraine and his active political position give every reason for him to head this responsible work. 

"I decided to support your initiative. And supported the composition of the Working Group, which you had suggested, by a Decree," Viktor Yanukovych said, referring to the first President of Ukraine. 

"The new version of the Constitution of Ukraine, of course, will normalize the most important questions of functioning of the state. And of course, it will facilitate all those reforms that have started in different areas of its life," he said. 


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