President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych believes that pension reform will ensure the transition to fair pensions, he said today in Odessa during the expanded meeting of the Regional Committee on Economic Reforms, presidential press office informed. 

He noted that last year the government managed to fulfill all of its social obligations to raise salaries and pensions. At the same time, the President acknowledged, the desired results were not reached. 

"Unfortunately, there is no such possibility yet, but pension reform will allow us the transition to fair pension system and cancelling some sky-high pensions. There will be no more maximum pension of 60 thousand UAH and the minimum pension of 600 UAH. There is no other country in the world that would tolerate such an injustice against the people,” Viktor Yanukovych sad, “So today we are providing the maximum pension of 7,5-8,5 thousand UAH. Yesterday, the debate in the Parliament has begun." 

He also expressed confidence that the minimum pension must be increased. "The pension reform must aim to ensure that every pensioner is able to live normally in our country," he said. 

However, Viktor Yanukovych said, that cannot be achieved without economic growth. “Growth of the economy, optimization of public spending will enable us to overcome the problems that we have," he said. 


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