The United States is interested in broadening and deepening relations with Ukraine. This was stated by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the Third Session of the Ukrainian-American Strategic Partnership Commission in Washington, UKRINFORM reported.

According to her, since the inception of the Commission, the sides have been trying to use partnership to implement specific steps in the interests of both countries. During the current meeting, Kyiv and Washington once again confirmed this.

In particular, a memorandum was signed with respect to U.S. involvement in finding and developing deposits of shale gas in Ukraine, as well as a joint plan of action against trafficking in human beings.

The sides have also held negotiations on five-year framework partnership to provide medical services and treatment of the Ukrainians who live with HIV/AIDS.

The meeting also touched on the beginning of a five-year program to strengthen the agricultural sector of Ukraine, which costs $20 million, Clinton said.

The truth is that Ukraine has all opportunities for meeting the aspirations of its citizens for true democracy and prosperous economy; Ukraine has an educated, innovative people, and deep foundations of democracy, including a vibrant civil society, the U.S. Secretary of State said.

Clinton noted the leadership of Ukraine, acquired through its decisions on renunciation of nuclear weapons in 1994, and last year's initiative to get rid of all stocks of highly enriched uranium by 2012.

At this stage, she said, the U.S. expects that the Ukrainian state, in partnership with civil society and the opposition, will continue reform on the transparency of government, strengthening the rule of law, protection of the freedom of speech, media and judicial system.

Washington also hopes for improvement of the investment climate in Ukraine and its openness to the business.

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