Answering journalists’ question whether the General Prosecutor’s Office decision to take precautions against Yulia Tymoshenko was justified, President Viktor Yanukovych said: "I agree that there should be no law enforcement agencies rush in these issues. In any case, all these issues should be decided by the courts. But without any court decision, a person is free, and cannot be blamed or restricted in anything.” 

The President informed that he had had a conversation on the subject with the Prosecutor General. He expressed the opinion that the decision was not correct, presidential press office reported.

"I do not understand such a precaution either. I have expressed my opinion on the matter to the Prosecutor General, despite the fact that taking such a decision (on taking a preventive measure) is the prerogative of the investigators. Besides, the politicians of this level should be treated with great care.”

Viktor Yanukovych has told the reporters that he had also discussed this issue with leaders of the European institutions, who had expressed their wish to see Tymoshenko in Brussels. 

The President stressed that fighting corruption implies disregarding political colours. 

"Fighting corruption should not have any connection to politics. And moreover, it should not arouse the impression that there is a selective approach," he said.


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