The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to transfer the complex of historical buildings "St. Kyiv Sophia", a part of National Historical and Architectural Preserve "St. Lavra", under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism management. Moreover, the Ministry of Finance was instructed to allocate the relevant budget appropriations for the maintenance and development of "St. Kyiv Sophia" to the Ministry of Culture.

Till today one of the greatest monuments of the days of Kievan Rus, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, was subordinated to the Ministry of Regional Policy, Construction and Housing, Cabinet's press office reported.

Transfer of "St. Sophia" under the management of the line ministry, which has the appropriate scientific and methodological basis, and is authorized to represent Ukraine in matters of historical and cultural heritage in international relations, should facilitate the development of the Preserve, the scientific and historical researches, and to strengthen practically the protected status of the invaluable legacy of princely times.


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