President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych believes that our country will feel results of the carried out reforms already in 2012, he said in Kherson, answering to questions of the media, presidential press office reports. 

"2012 will be the year, when we begin to actually feel results of the reforms launched in 2010. I hope that the crisis of 2008-2009 will not affect the state's economy as hard, as they did last year," he said. 

Viktor Yanukovych noted that year 2011 will be difficult for Ukraine. According to him, the state still has to repay 8 billion UAH of debt monthly, and additional 15 billion UAH are needed to support the development of infrastructure in preparation for Euro 2012. 

Speaking about the reforms in Ukraine, President Yanukovych said that he will do everything for them to continue. He expressed confidence that consistent, well thought-out reforms will work for the benefit of people and the country. In this context, Viktor Yanukovych noted that Ukraine continues the fight against corruption, creating conditions to attract investment, deregulation of business, removing obstacles to doing business, making many processes more transparent, etc. 

When asked about the land reform in Ukraine, President Yanukovych stressed the importance of conducting it as soon as possible. "Corruption has made all possible peaks in the issue of land in almost all regions of Ukraine. It must be stopped. The reform must continue and eventually be completed," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

The President stressed that rules and laws must be established in the area, so that land owners used it effectively. Certainly, he said, among the important issues is the use of agricultural land. 

The land reform "is not only overdue, but is long overdue," Viktor Yanukovych said, adding that the issue must go through public discussion. 

When asked about the development of shipbuilding industry in Ukraine, President Yanukovych stressed that this industry is very promising and can involve a large number of partners in cooperation. Viktor Yanukovych said that the recently passed Tax Code creates conditions for the development of the industry, bringing investment to it, and providing the appropriate motivations for its development. 

"I saw that today at the Palada State Plant in Kherson ... This company has won a tender and received a contract, despite the competition with advanced world-class enterprises. I am pleased this Ukrainian plant has won "- Viktor Yanukovych said. 

"I believe that the shipbuilding industry will be developing successfully in country. It has huge potential for development," he said. 


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