In the nearest years, Ukraine will improve the health care budgetary system and there will be no transfer to insurance medicine, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Iryna Akimova said in an interview to Zerkalo Nedeli newspaper, National radio reported.

"If the system itself works ineffectively, is it possible to allocate additional money to it and expect improvement of a result?... Therefore, it is necessary first to analyze a network of the budgetary establishments, to reform them, to give them an impetus to work better, and then to extend additional financial reserves to them," she noted.

"Where money for medical insurance can be taken from? The answer is obvious - it is an additional social payment from the employer, which is above its possibility today. Hence, we went along the way of reformation the existing health care system, its preparation in order to introduce medical insurance in the future. And still we are moving toward mandatory medical insurance, but this movement is gradual and phased," Akimova said.

She underscored that in the reform, an accent will be made on the primary health care level. "A family doctor will have an impetus to be engaged in prevention of diseases. Because, the less a patient is sick, the more funds will be saved that are allocated to the doctor for treatment of patients," Akimova said.

She also noted that "by the number of beds Ukraine takes the lead over the European countries by 1.5-2 fold: in the EU countries - 55 beds per 10,000 of population, whereas in Ukraine - 91; in the EU countries a patient spends nine days before treatment in a hospital, and in Ukraine - 13." "The number of health care establishments is also twofold larger against the EU (0.6 and 0.3/10,000 of population respectively).

At the same time, by the death rate from cardio-vascular diseases, children's and preterm deaths, we unfortunately take the lead over Europe twofold," she said. "Often a thesis sounds: too little money is spent for health care with us, about 4% of GDP, whereas in other countries - 7%," Akimova notes. "Therefore, money is less against the EU, the number of medical establishments is larger and results are worse.

Hence a conclusion is the following: a network of medical establishments should be changed with taking into consideration the needs of every region." Earlier, Akimova said that since 2011, in three regions of Ukraine (Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk) a two-year experiment will start on realization of the health care system reform. By the end of 2012, results will be summed up, effective ways for spread of that experiment to entire Ukraine will be determined and since 2013, this system will be gradually spread to other regions.

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