President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych met with the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Ažubalis. 

At the meeting sides have discussed bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Lithuania, as well as the questions related to Lithuania’s chairmanship in the OSCE. Viktor Yanukovych expressed the belief that Lithuania’s position to preserve the continuity of the OSCE chairmanship is very constructive. 

"Ukraine will chair the OSCE in 2013 and we will surely continue this principle," the President of Ukraine said. "Enhancing cooperation connected to Lithuania’s chairmanship in the OSCE on all complex issues on the agenda is a priority for us," he added. 

Viktor Yanukovych stressed that he will personally supervise Ukraine's preparations for the OSCE chairmanship. He said he will soon sign the appropriate decrees. 

"We are preparing for 2013, and Lithuania’s experience has a special value for us," he said. 

"We believe that all the OSCE Participating States should be safe, regardless of their affiliation to different political-military alliances," he said. This is especially important for Ukraine as a non-aligned state, which had voluntarily renounced its nuclear weapons. 

Speaking about the unresolved conflicts that exist in the area of activity of the OSCE, President Yanukovych stressed that they should be settled by peaceful means. "We believe that these conflicts should be solved exclusively by peaceful means, based on the principles and norms of international law," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

"Ukraine advocates the soonest resumption of comprehensive negotiations on the Transdniestrian conflict. We support all the efforts of our partners," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

The President stressed that Ukraine appreciates the priority of the Lithuanian chairmanship in the OSCE to resolve the conflict, and will strongly contribute to its realization.

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