The preparations in Ukraine for hosting Euro 2012 are going on ahead of the schedule, President Viktor Yanukovych said in Warsaw at the joint press conference with President Bronislaw Komorowski of Poland.

He stressed that there are no more slippages in the schedule. "Certainly, the preparation for Euro 2012 in the early 2010 has been quite difficult ... I was very worried to hear that Ukraine may lose the right to host this wonderful event," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

According to Viktor Yanukovich, after taking the office of President of Ukraine, he has immediately "turned on all the capabilities of the state to overcome that delays.” 

"We have spent a lot of public money, invested energy and intellect to catch up with the schedule, and today, we are ahead of it. It was a very difficult task, but we have done it. I am saying that with great satisfaction," Viktor Yanukovych said. 

The President thanked all those, who contributed to this work, including our Polish partners, with whom regular consultations have been held. 

Answering journalists' questions, the President also made comments on the conflict in the Football Federation of Ukraine, concerning the statement of 38 members of the FFU. "I have expressed my point of view and addressed those 38 members of the FFU telling them that it will be on the conscience of those, who started this fuss about the issue," the President of Ukraine said, adding that it is now a wrong time for having things out. 

The President reminded that the government cannot interfere in the activities of this organization. "But I have expressed my point of view that it is now necessary to set a moratorium on these actions and unite around the idea of the championship. I have expressed this opinion publicly, and as I know, this conflict was settled today," Viktor Yanukovych said.


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