In his speech at the opening of the eighth parliamentary session President Viktor Yanukovych invited opposition to the national round table. According to him, it is necessary for effectiveness of parliament's work and withdrawal of political forces from the state of confrontation.

"We need to put aside corporate interests and start a constructive dialogue that focuses on national interests rather than private ambitions," he said.

The president also noted that different political opinions should not be necessarily followed by confrontations. "The politicians may have different views on ideology, political system or economic policy, but there are problems that have no party affiliation," he said.

Yanukovych particularly pointed out poverty and unemployment, ineffective economy, unreformed courts, poor hospitals and schools, corruption.

"It is a joint task for all political forces without exception, who consider themselves patriots of their country. Politicians must be united by the idea of thorough reforms, modernization of the country and strengthening of Ukraine's image. Those who do not share this view, please do not interfere," the President urged.


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