At the start of the new session of the Verkhovna Rada the parliamentary opposition will call for the creation of a temporary committee to investigate the government and National Bank’s policies, Batkivshchyna Party leader and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has said.

"The opposition will be initiating the creation of a temporary investigation committee and we will introduce a resolution for a special hearing by the so-called chairman of the National Bank, who is the Yanukovych family’s private banker and a business partner of the president’s son. We will also demand that the prime minister report on these figures because these policies are leading to the total collapse of the Ukrainian economy," Yulia Tymoshenko told the press.

Yulia Tymoshenko said the authorities are using issued money to serve the private interests of companies they control, particularly in the construction industry, and to convert money in order to transfer it offshore.

"How is this printed money being laundered to offshore zones? There are two ways: first – through the refinancing of commercial banks they control, where the money is then converted; and second – they’re directing this money into "brisk" construction, where in 50% of cases all the money is laundered, and this "brisk" construction that you hear about on the central television channels includes the main stadium in Kyiv," she emphasized.

According to Yulia Tymoshenko, the government’s unprofessional fiscal and monetary policies will lead to skyrocketing prices for food and consumer goods and hurt the national currency.

"Under the guise of this shadowy veil they are issuing money and moving it offshore. The people will get multifold increases in prices which they already can’t afford on their current pensions and wages," the former prime minister said.

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