In 2010, total number of goods in the food basket of Ukrainians reduced, but it became healthier, producers and retailers say.

Thus, according to estimates of the Group of Fozzy companies, over the whole 2010, the majority of purchasers as usual continued to attentively follow food expenses. Total number of goods in the basket reduced, the people started to be careful in purchasing the products. "We have fixed a reduction in the volume of the one-time purchase with the simultaneous increase of the frequency of visits. This means that even consumers with low incomes prefer to purchase less number of goods now, but of higher quality. At the same time, the number of the money spent for food remained the same, or grew slightly," Fozzy Group Vice President for marketing Mykhailo Dudnyk says, UKRINFORM reported.

Another moment, in 2010, the food basket of Ukrainians became healthier; the share of fast foods and prefabricated products has substantially reduced in it.

Producers who took up a trend of the "healthy way of life" (or pseudo-healthy) managed to benefit from it. Thus, as a regards relatively new categories for the Ukrainian market, a cold tea and the energetics, showed a growth over 2010 by 12.3 and 21% respectively. And it is at the time when they are not referred to products of prime necessity (as by the way to the healthy way of life). But juices suffered. "Last year, their consumption made up slightly over 13 liters, although in 2008, it was at the level of 17 liters a year," Sandora Company Director for marketing Olena Stoyanova notes.

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